Why Hiramino Soy Peptide?

Aid In Controlling High Blood Sugar Level
Promotes Cardiovascular Health
Help To Strengthen Immune System

100% All Natural Ingredients Inside

Packed with 20 Amino Acids

100% Plant-Based

Vegan Friendly


Regain Health, Regain Life

From adults to the elderly, Hiramino Soy Peptide supplement aids in managing high blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of health problems related to it. It is 100% Plant-Based packed with 20 Amino Acids to help repair and regenerate body tissues effectively, giving us more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Do you know that it also has benefits other than lowering your blood glucose levels? Learn more now.

Real People, Real Story

We put Hiramino Soy Peptide to the test, and the results are remarkable. Hear their 30 days experience with Hiramino here.

A Positive Differrence in 30 Days

A Positive Difference in 30 Days

The consumption of Soy Peptide is proven beneficial to not only individuals with high blood sugar issues but also healthy individuals who may be predisposed to this condition (either due to genes or lifestyle). Learn how our customers managed to decrease their blood glucose levels with our product now.

The Benefits of Soy Peptide for Your Blood Glucose Levels

Hiramino Soy Peptide has been known for its many health benefits. But first, what IS soy peptide?

For centuries, soy consumption has proven to contribute to many health benefits. In recent times, research has led to the creation of soy peptides, which is a product of isolated soy protein that has gone through a hydrolysis process to extract the nutrients. Through this process, sugars and carbohydrates are removed.

Peptides are smaller forms of proteins and a fundamental component of cells that carry out important body functions. Peptides are also easily absorbed, typically within 5 minutes of consumption.

At Hiramino Soy Peptide, our journey to create this beneficial product began when our co-founder was looking for a solution to combat his high blood glucose issue. He was introduced to soy peptide and found that researchers worldwide concur that soy peptide comes with many health benefits, primarily in controlling blood sugar levels and regulating your metabolism.

It does this by slowing down the digestion of sugars and starches to aid cells in absorbing excess glucose from the bloodstream to decrease the blood sugar level, which also reduces the risks of heart disease, strokes, kidney damage, and impaired vision which have been linked to diabetes.

As it regulates our blood glucose levels, soy peptide also increases our body's fitness and strength, while replenishing our energy.

Soy peptide can be absorbed fast with low energy consumption, compared to regular soy protein. 9 out of 10 of our consumers agree that our soy peptide supplement is easily consumed.

Consumers who require protein to repair their ageing tissues will find that Hiramino Soy Peptide helps to facilitate their amino acid intake, shields their cardiovascular systems, and improves their immunity.

Did you know that soy peptide also improves mood, regulates the sleep cycle, and improves brain function? Now, that's great news for working adults with a stressful, demanding lifestyle.

Speaking of taking care of our image, soy peptide also has anti-ageing properties that block the peroxidation of free radicals, repairs our cells, as well as reduces pigmentation.

On top of all these health benefits, Hiramino Soy Peptide is made from 100% all-natural soybeans, which makes it ideal for vegans and vegetarians as it is purely plant-based.

It is also certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), making it suitable for Muslim consumers.

Hiramino Soy Peptide has served many satisfied consumers in Malaysia who would recommend this product to their friends and family. In fact, 43% of our consumers began to see results and improvement in their health by the second week of consumption.

Soy peptide is suitable to be consumed by people of all ages, regardless if you have problems with high blood glucose levels or not.

Dissolve Hiramino Soy Peptide in 150ml of warm or room temperature water about 5 minutes before each meal for best results. Hiramino Soy Peptide can also be mixed into your oats drink, milk and even vegetable juice.

Purchase our soy peptide supplement directly on our website or find us on Lazada and Shopee.

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