White Rice Can Contribute To Prediabetes

People struggling with diabetes are not the only ones who need to make lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly and taking diabetes medication or supplements to lower and/or manage their blood sugar levels . Those with higher than normal fasting blood sugar levels but not high enough to be considered diabetes should also start taking precautionary methods to regulate and manage blood sugar levels. This condition is known as prediabetes, and those with this condition have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes if no proper care is taken.

Prediabetes is a condition that doesn't show any particular signs or symptoms. A possible telltale sign is darkened skin on certain parts of our body. However, this symptom can also be seen in many other conditions such as skin discolouration, vein disease, and much more. Unlike people with diabetes who exhibit classic symptoms such as increased thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination, and more, prediabetes can go unnoticed. That is why it is crucial to control our food intake on a daily basis. Avoiding excessive sugary and high-carb foods as well as regularly supplementing our bodies with beneficial ingredients is key to lowering blood sugar levels. It is advisable to always visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Are you aware that white rice has a high sugar content?

White Rice Can Contribute To Prediabetes

Malaysia is a country where white rice is included in almost every meal of our day! Also, sugary beverages that have been all the rage lately, such as bubble tea and fruit juices, can potentially cause blood sugar levels to spike. These unsuspecting foods and drinks that we consume daily without much thought can all contribute to prediabetes. So, how can we prevent this condition from worsening and potentially developing into diabetes?

Hiramino's Small Molecule Soy Peptide

A great way to gradually improve insulin sensitivity and gain blood sugar control is by implementing the right and proper supplements into our daily lives. The Hiramino Small Molecule Soy Peptide makes for a great supplement to manage blood sugar for individuals with prediabetes. As the supplement is in a fine powder form in sachets, all it needs is a quick mix in 150ml of warm water, and it's ready to be consumed. This 100% all-natural plant-based supplement can potentially help control blood sugar levels, promote cardiovascular health, and strengthen your immune system.

Our Small Molecule Soy Peptide is also safe to be consumed by all adults. Start incorporating supplements to lower blood sugar levels before it's too late and medical intervention is required. However, do note that dietary or food supplements, in general, are not a quick fix to lower blood sugar levels. If you have concerns with your blood sugar levels, please conduct a blood test and discuss suitable treatments with your doctor.

Written by Hiramino Peptide