Our Story

The Journey from Discovery to Recovery

Our co-founder struggled with high blood sugar levels for many years. He was constantly fatigued. When he got sick, he would take longer to recover compared to a person with healthy blood glucose levels. This caused him to miss out on many live events and sapped him of the energy to spend time with friends and family.  

He first heard about soy peptide, then a little know soy product, from a friend with a background in dietetics, and nutrition in 2019. He was informed that soy peptide had been proven to aid in controlling blood sugar levels and regulating metabolism by researchers worldwide. Intrigued by this, he decided to manufacture small quantities for his own consumption.

In the beginning, he consumed the equivalent of 3 sachets a day. As his health improved and his blood sugar levels came under control, he then reduced his intake to 1 sachet a day. The effects were dramatic- from feeling lethargic every day, his energy levels, general health and alertness improved greatly. 

Convinced of soy peptide's health properties, he never looked back and continues to consume it every day. He recommended soy peptide to his friends and family, who were in turned amazed, at how much improvement they experienced after taking it regularly. They encouraged him to share the benefits of soy peptide to as many people as possible, and this is how Hiramino began.

At Hiramino, we are committed to promoting health and wellness by supplying our customers with high-quality food supplements. Join the Hiramino community today to discover health, wellness and joy.